About the book

There currently isn’t a process for upgrading from the online version to the hard copy version.

The easiest way right now is to order your copy at store.holmgren.com.au of the physical book and then submit a refund request.

At this stage the online version of the book is the only digital version.

We may consider releasing other versions. The graphic and photo rich nature of RetroSuburbia and being over 570 pages means there are some real challenges adapting the book for eReaders, phones and the like.

This digital version allows us to get it out to you now in all its glory but does require a decent sized screen.

Accessing the book

Yes. Well at least as long as there is a world wide web.

No. At this stage the book is not available as an offline version.

Once you’ve paid what you feel, you can view the book here.

If you’re returning after some time, you’ll need to login here.

Once you are logged in, you can access the book here.

Viewing the book on a phone isn’t recommended. It is not an ideal experience as it is a large format book with lots of images.

We recommend viewing it on a larger device but if you really want to view it on your phone, go ahead.

You can reset your password by going to the Lost your Password page here.

Using the book

The online book is best viewed on a computer with a larger monitor. Although some people are comfortable accessing it on tablets or even phones. Below is a video on how to use the navigation tools to display the book fullscreen, move between pages and zoom in and out.  

Click anywhere on the book pages or cover — your cursor will show a little + (plus) symbol — and the book should enter full screen mode.

To exit full screen mode, press the ESC (escape) key.

Pretty much any up-to-date web browser should happily do it.

It’s based on HTML 5.

We’ve tested the book with the following browsers on computer:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer

At this stage we haven’t done any tablet and phone testing.

The minimum suggested resolution is 1280px x 720 px.

As of Thursday 21st May, you will be able to see the number of the page you are viewing in the URL and add it to the bookmarks in your browser.

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